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Ajman Media City Free Zone- Things You Should Know

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Ajman Free Zone- Things You Should Know

Ajman Media City Free Zone- Things You Should Know

Aj Ajman Media City Free Zone Authority (AFZA), a strategically located Free Zone near the Arabian Gulf, 30 minutes from Dubai and Sharjah airport, was established in 1988. It was given the status of an independent entity by the ruler of Ajman. Since then, Ajman Media City Free Zone has offered its services to more than 9,000 businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs to grow sustainably with various opportunities from over 160 countries. Due to its strategic location, AFZ is considered one of the region’s largest investment destinations and is important because of its high contribution to the economic sector. Heavy investment in the region, incentives, and competitive benefits result in investors and entrepreneurs’ high confidence in the Free Zone.

Ajman Media City Free Zone is the primary Free Zone Area in the territory of Ajman. As it is the situation at the entrance of the Arabian Gulf (seaside), import and export of different products become very convenient. Moreover, AFZ is also close to the UAE, which is an additional advantage as it gets easier for companies’ logistical transportation in and out of the Ajman Media City Free Zone. 

AJZ has diversified its portfolio because they now welcome business from various sectors such as Automotive, Paper and Packaging, Textile, Food and Beverages, Health and Beauty, Construction, Oil and Gas, Advanced Technology, Education, etc.

Why Ajman Media City Free Zone?

  1. Proximity: Strategically located at the entrance of Arabian Gulf; ease in trading. Also, reach to Dubai and Sharjah airports is very convenient.
  2. Digital Getaway: provides fully digitalized systems for all businesses, making their lives easier and more convenient.
  3. Value-added Services: All the businesses set up in the Ajman Media City Free Zone are provided with additional value-added services such as medical, banking, and insurance, resulting in increased trust of investors and businesses in the region.
  4. 100% Company Ownership: There are various customized business packages available to choose from as per their business requirement.
  5. Customer Care Support: Ajman Media City Free Zone has made sure to provide a 24-hour round range of support for their investors, entrepreneurs, and businesses for any kind of business query.
  6. World Class Infrastructure: Without access to proper infrastructure, businesses cannot be established; therefore, Ajman Media City Free Zone has developed infrastructure in the epicenter of trade and business for thriving success and sustained growth.

Why You Should Set Up a Company in Ajman Media City Free Zone?

If you desire to set up a company in Ajman Media City Free Zone, you must know that it is easy and cost-effective. Your company will be given the same legal status that would be given to any UAE-based company, with incentives such as low operating costs and cheaper incorporation.

To make it easy for the Companies, AFZ has now introduced an online portal, which aims to simplify setting up a company in the Free Zone. Although companies can now choose from various licenses and infrastructure, they will also be provided with support services and knowledge about worker’s accommodation to manage their workflow.

Ajman Media City Free Zone also offers benefits to its investors in the form of early release of a trading license, multiple visa options, low cost of doing business, variety of business activities, easy access to corporate bank account opening, insurance, etc.

Some Additional Benefits

  • Exemption for all kinds of Taxes
  • Ease in transferring Capital and Profits
  • Affordable prices for land leasing, electricity, and other facilities
  • Cheaper Labor
  • Easy process for sponsoring your dependents
  • Multiple shareholders are allowed to start a company/business
  • Accessibility to Ajman Port

Types of Licenses in Ajman Media City Free Zone

Mentioned below are the types of licenses available in the Ajman Media City Free Zone region. The Business Startup Packages in the region include various options such as business centers, executive offices, smart offices, and warehouses.

Trade Licenses

One of the important factors to consider Ajman Media City Free Zone for your business is the ease of registering. It is an easy-to-follow registration process; a trade license is received within a day or two. Your company can easily be registered through the official website. The trade licenses packages start from AED 16,895 (USD 4,600).

Industrial Licenses

A company wills to set up a manufacturing unit, they can apply for an Industrial License to start their business in the free zone. Ajman Media City Free Zone provides the business with warehouses and small stores to facilitate them. Industrial License packages start from AED 9,185+ warehouse fee as per the size.

Service License

If the company aims to provide E-commerce, management, accounting, marketing, consulting, etc., then the business must apply for the service license. Service license packages start from AED 14,325. 

Freelance License and Visa

AJZ is now offering an affordable Freelance package in UAE. The package is very appealing as it offers the lowest fee of AED 6,000, 100% company ownership, 1 visa for the investor, which can be valid for up to 3 years, Business Hub Facilities, etc. Freelancers from 40 business categories are eligible for this license to kick start their profession.

Pioneers License

This license is for young graduates and entrepreneurs who have recently started their businesses or are planning on establishing their businesses. It is a perfect opportunity for these young people to start a company easily. Pioneer Packages start from AED 5,000.

So, suppose you plan to establish your business in the UAE Free Zone region with a competitive advantage, minimum investment, and additional facilities. In that case, the Emirate of Ajman (Free zone) is the most apt area for your business. Get your company registered and enjoy the privileges and success! 

How to Setup your Business in Ajman Media City Free Zone?

Aiming big? We are here to help you set up your own business in just 3 steps!

  1. Choose your Business Type: Our sales representatives will help you choose what is most suitable to you as a legal identity, your license type, and the additional facilities.
  2. Submit your Documents: Our sales expert will guide you through filling out the application form and submitting documents until the end.
    1. You can pay through either of these options
      1. Online
      1. Cash
      1. Cheque
      1. Bank
      1. Transfer
  3. Get your Business License: Once the process is complete, the license, along with a bank letter and your registration kit, will be provided to you. After this, the visa process starts.

Ajman Media City Free Zone during 2021

In the year 2021, Ajman Media City Free Zone experienced a significant increase of 35 percent in the number of newly registered companies compared to 2020. The data shows that almost 867 new companies were registered in the region as compared to 567 in the same period, 2020. This shows the increasing trust of businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs to venture into the territory of Ajman.

Health Sector

Ajman Media City Free Zone proved extremely beneficial for the major medical companies and health institutions by providing them the perfect business environment, hence maintaining its market value as leaders. In the first half of 2021, an 84 percent increase is recorded in newly registered companies in the health sector. This is due to the competitive edge offered by Ajman Media City Free Zone like the strategic location, infrastructure, advanced technology, and modern facilities.

Technology Sector

In the first half of the year, the technology sector recorded a rate of 26 perfect as compared to 2020 in the same period. Due to this sustainable growth, AFZ continues to contribute to the technological advancements in the Free Zone. Considering the UAE’s vision for the next 50 years, AFZ would be the key contributor to technological advancements.

Food and Beverages

Ajman Media City Free Zone has maintained its reputation by providing all the primary and world-class facilities to all the companies working in the Food and Beverages sector. AJZ is making all necessary efforts to enhance food security in the region. This region experienced an 11 percent growth rate, which made the investors more confident and willing to take advantage of their opportunities in the Free Zone. This can be a perfect getaway for expansion while introducing new markets.

Chinese Retail

The Chinese retail market in Ajman Media City Free Zone has recorded an expendable growth rate of 70 percent. The data shows that 1,100 companies were running in the China Mall; more than 3,000 individuals. These numbers show a successful relationship and strategic partnership between the Chinese Gulf Companies and the Emirate of Ajman. This also shows how the Chinese have immense confidence and trust in AJZ.

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