Ajman Transitions Into The Land Of OpportunitiesBusiness consulting firms in dubai ,The developments taking place in Ajman, and the growth of industries, can be class as rapid, rather than steady. Businesses, buildings and centres are sprouting up overnight, not just in Ajman Media City Freezone, but all around the Emirates. So far this growth has brought with it a world of opportunities for startups, investors, and entrepreneurs.

Since many sectors and markets in Ajman are just being set up, businesses have the chance to avail early bird benefits like dominating the market, receiving government concessions, and many more.

Recently, Ajman issue its first Gold Card residence visa to an Indian businessman, Siddique Pallolathil, who is the Director of the retailer Nesto Group. This Gold Card is just the first of many that will be issue to businessmen and professionals in Ajman. Developments are also underway in the health sector. UAE-base Thumbay Group is working on a Dh1 billion Medicity project that will serve more than 20,000 people daily. The Thumbay Medicity will house a health club and spa, hospitals, a medical university, accommodations for staff and students, retail outlets, a  pharmacy, coffee shop and restaurant.

The Ajman Government has approve a general budget of around Dh4.1 billion budget, to be use between 2019 to 2021. Out of this, Dh1.380 billion has been set aside for the 2019 fiscal year. A major chunk of the budget, 37% is split between infrastructure, environment and community facilities, 25% will go in economic affairs and improvements in the business environment, 21% will go in public services, and 17% will be use in public order and safety. The allocation of the budget for developments falls in line with the Emirates Vision 2021 strategy. As a result of these developments, Ajman is becoming more appealing to business owners.

However, while these developments prove to be positive, they have also at certain places cause the government to tighten the leash. The Department of Economic Development of Ajman has issue a resolution regarding the organisation and management of trade fairs and exhibitions. This includes a set of conditions that must be follow. The purpose behind setting these conditions is to safeguard the rights of all parties involve and to ensure that the trade fairs that are organize in Ajman are in line with the emirate’s laws.

Overall, all the developments that have been taking place in the emirate, especially in Ajman Media City Freezone, are beneficial for the economic health of not just Ajman, but also the whole of UAE.


If you want to start a business in Ajman Media City to reap the benefits of its business friendly rules and regulations, and opportunity-fill environment, but are unsure of how you should proceed, then reach out to us. We aim to help you start your entrepreneurial journey as effortlessly as possible. After all, a building or venture is only as strong and steady as its foundation.