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10 Upcoming Beneficial Events for Businesses in UAE

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Business Setup Consultants In Dubai ,Getting a business off the ground in UAE has recently become easier, thanks to the introduction of some entrepreneur-friendly laws and initiatives. However, making a business successful isn’t as easy. The laws in Ajman Media City Free Zone and other freezones do benefit businesses. However, are they enough to make a business lucrative enough to stay grow, or to even stay afloat in the next five years?

SMEs and startups, aside from struggling to provide matchless goods and services, and setting aside a small budget for marketing and advertising, also have to indulge in promotional and PR activities. This is where exhibitions, conferences, PR events and business and trade shows come in.

Such events are not only great places to showcase ideas and flaunt your business and services, but they are also great for networking, promotion and finding investors. It is a proven fact that startups have found investors at such events, and firms have witnessed a boost in their sales. Therefore, it is integral for an entrepreneur or small business owner to participate in such events. Let’s have a look at some upcoming events and exhibitions that are taking place in the UAE:10 Upcoming Beneficial Events for Businesses in UAE

  1. Expo 2020

Location: Dubai

Dates: October 2020 – April 2021

World Expo 2020 is being hosted in Dubai. It is an opportunity for all types of businesses and professionals to come together at one forum, where they can promote their good and services on an international level, exhibit new ideas to foreign investors, and find the right guidance and talent to make their businesses profitable.

  1. International Franchise Exhibition (IFCE)

Location: ADNEC, Abu Dhabi

Dates: 22nd October, 2019 – 23rd October, 2019

This event is where franchise owners and businesses will come under one roof to explore the challenges and solutions franchise business undergo. Also, it is a place where many small businesses can find partners to purchase their franchise.

  1. International Real Estate and Investment Show – IREIS 2019

Location: ADNEC, Abu Dhabi

Dates: 30th October 2019 – 01st November 2019

The IREIS is an event in which every real estate agency, property business and all linked firm such as contractors, should attend. It is the perfect place to gather some contacts and explore new industry trends while discussing a possible merger.

  1. GITEX Technology Week 2019

Location: Dubai World Trade Centre

Dates: 06th October, 2019 – 10th October, 2019

A whole week of unveiling new tech, exploring advancements, flaunting startups and indulging in promotional and networking activities; along with attracting possible investors for new inventions is all that GITEX Technology Week stands for.

  1. Middle East Summit

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dates: 9th December 2019 – 10th December, 2019

The Middle East Summit is a corridor for business to garner investments, partnerships and trade in the MENA (Middle East and Africa) region. It will allow businesses to rise above their challenges and explore new markets. For example, a channel operating in Ajman Media City, might stumble across a possible partnership that could help them tap into a foreign market, by expanding their operations abroad. Furthermore, it will also bring businesses up to speed with the governments’ future plans for the region, which will allow them to prepare for success accordingly.

  1. World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Conference

Location: ADNEC, Abu Dhabi

Date(s): 01st January, 2020

This conference is a goldmine for all businesses operating in the medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. It will bring together the giants of their respective industries to give startups and SMEs an insight an opportunity in business.

  1. International Apparel & Textile Fair 2019 – 11th edition

Location: Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai

Dates: 4th November, 2019 – 6th November, 2019

Dubai is the fashion capital of the region with other emirates not lagging far behind. However, the fashion and retail market is largely predominated by foreign brands and designers. Therefore, participating in events like these will allow local fashion houses and retail brands to compete and cement their place against these foreign giants.

  1. Techspo Dubai 2019

Location: Hyatt Regency, Dubai Corniche

Dates: 22nd October, 2019 – 23rd October, 2019

UAE is the regional hub for tech so it comes as no surprise that a number of tech startups are found there. This event will provide those startups a place to showcase their ideas and inventions to attract investment sales, investments and recognition.

  1. Future Food Forum 2019

Location: The Address, Dubai Mall

Dates: 25th September, 2019 – 26th September, 2019

An event that will bring businesses in the food and beverage industry up to speed with the latest trends, advancements, challenges and customer preferences, whilst allowing them to make relevant and powerful contacts that will then benefit their business.

  1. Middle East Design & Hospitality Week 2019

Location: Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai

Dates: 17th September, 2019 – 19th September, 2019

This event will connect designers, architects, hoteliers and suppliers to create a friendly and lucrative community which can grow together. Moreover, it is a place where business in the hospitality, design and building industries can showcase their work to the world.

These were just a handful of events that are taking place in the UAE, in the near future. A few others are Ciso Mag Summit & Awards Middle East, DigiMarCon 2019 and Vibe Marketers Fest 2019, among others. Businesses, whether they are located in freezone Ajman or in mainland Sharjah, need to find relevant events and participate in them. This will allow them to enjoy a boost in their sales and profits.

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