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Green Visa UAE Making Sponsoring Your Family Easy

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Green Visa UAE Making Sponsoring Your Family Easy

The United Arab Emirates never fails to impress us and attract us towards it. The rate at which UAE is prospering each day is just amazing. We can not help but praise the government and the people of UAE for their great success.

We all know that UAE is considered the best country worldwide that offers endless opportunities to people to get jobs, set up their businesses, and live a lavish life. This is also due to the endless free zones that the UAE has established for people to start their businesses in a safe environment. The best freezone yet is the Ajman Free Zone.

A Green Visa scheme has been started to get more people to invest in the UAE economy and start their businesses here. The New Green Visa program in the UAE allows citizens to sponsor their parents without any hassle.

The past years haven’t been going well for any business worldwide because of the CoronaVirus pandemic. Like always, The UAE never stands back in such times. They always come up with programmes and policies that can help maximum people. With this Green Visa programme, The UAE is going to promote the business of the locals along with the Ajman Free Zone Makateb and help expand, promote, and grow the business of new and upcoming entrepreneurs.

What Is A Green Visa UAE?

Green Visa UAE is the recent project that has been started by the UAE. It is a new category that has been made for the residency visa. These policies included in the Green Visa are much different from the regular residency visas and work permit visas.

Green Visas are beneficial for those who want to come to Dubai to start their businesses, grow their businesses, study, and much more. In addition, they can easily sponsor themselves and their family.

They can get registered with the Ajman Free Zone and get a Green Visa asap. Normally if you plan on coming to the UAE, you need to get yourself associated with the company you’re going to work with or the institute you plan on studying in. However, Green Visa has made the process much easier for you and has removed all these extra steps so that you can sponsor yourself easily.

Golden Benefits of The Green Visa UAE

As discussed above, all those who have the Green Visa can easily sponsor themselves in the UAE and do not have to be dependent on anyone. So whether it’s a company and institute or even a person is sponsoring you with the green Visa, you don’t have to worry about anything. This is a huge benefit in itself. Furthermore, the New Green visa program in the UAE allows citizens to sponsor their parents and children who are 25 years or below in age.

Another benefit that a Green visa holder has is staying in the UAE for about 180 days with unemployment. This period is enough for citizens to get in touch with their contacts and get a new job.

We must praise the UAE government for this marvellous step that they have taken. This is not only advantageous for the Green visa holder but also the UAE’s economy. The more people move to the UAE, the more they help with the economic growth.

 Who Can Get The Green Visa?

As we have mentioned above, the Green Visa was launched by the UAE government to support their economic growth. The Green Visa is applicable to the following people:

  1. Investors
  2. Highly intellectual and qualified people
  3. Struggling entrepreneurs or the ones who want to expand their business
  4. Students who want to pursue higher education and work in the UAE market
  5. Freelancers

These are all the people who are eligible to acquire the Green Visa and its benefits.

From the list above, freelancers are highly recommended to apply for the Green Visa. The UAE offers endless opportunities for the freelancer community to prosper. With the Green Visa in hand, they can easily get the freelance visa Dubai Permit to start working.

Besides freelancers, self-employed individuals who work in different countries and companies such as Artificial Intelligence companies and have access to digital currency are all eligible to apply for a Freelance visa in Dubai.

Requirements For The Green Visa

Since this is a recent project, not many details have been given out regarding the Visa requirements. So, for now, we just know the eligibility criteria.

The only requirement that has come to the surface is that the Green visa holder sponsoring their parents should have a monthly income of twenty thousand AED or more to continue the process.

You can always check with the Ajman Free Zone for further visa information as well.

How To Apply For Green Visa UAE?

Like we said above, not much information has been given out regarding the processes of Green Visa by the UAE. However, we know that this visa was formulated by the government to promote economic growth in the UAE and open more opportunities for the people coming from abroad.

Another reason why this visa program was launched is because there has been an economic drop in the UAE and to gear up again and come back stronger.

The process of applying must be the regular one where we apply with:

  1. An application for granting the Visa
  2. Passport copies
  3. Pictures

Etc. Since one does not need to be associated with any company to apply for the Green Visa, we don’t think anything else would be needed.

Of course, we can not say all this for sure since we’re still trying to get the updated information. All we can do is wait.

Role Of Ajman Free Zone

Ajman Free Zone is a free zone or a safe space where businessmen can start their business and take them to new heights, where investors can gain double the profit. This is all just by registering themselves and their business with the Ajman Free Zone that offers endless opportunities and advantages to people who are registered with them.

Once you have the Green visa in your hand, registering your business or startup with the Ajman Free Zone Makateb won’t be a problem at all.

Not that working and getting registered with Ajman is a hassle. Ajman free zone Makateb makes sure that you are always benefited and get your work permits within a day.

However, with the Green visa holders, Ajman Free Zone Makateb offers a whole new world of benefits and endless opportunities to expand your business and earn maximum profit.

With the advent of this Green Visa UAE, one can say that the future looks bright and shiny. This is all thanks to the government in the UAE for getting their heads around and working hard to get us a step ahead in every possible way.

Getting a UAE visa these days has become very difficult. However, this new scheme shall ensure that all the eligible people for the Green Visa will be granted the residency permit along with their families.

This is an attempt to boost the economic situation in the UAE, of course, but everyone gets to enjoy the fruit that comes with it.

Many questions were raised about why the Green Visa UAE program started when there are so many other visa permits, such as the Golden visa. The answer is simple, and other visa permits require the applicants to be associated with a company; however, there’s no need for Green Visa.

We can’t wait for the registration for the Green Visa to open so that we can get a chance of becoming Green Visa holders. Let’s hold our breaths till we finally get complete and authentic information regarding the application process for Green Visa.

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