How To Get Sponsored Visa In Dubai?

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How To Get Sponsored Visa In Dubai?

Many people in the previous years and also presently are moving to Dubai as soon as they get the chance. Some people go there on visit visas and apply for jobs that are best suited for them to start their career and later on invite their family to Dubai on the basis of sponsored visas.

One of the main reasons why people consider moving to Dubai is more opportunities, higher employment rate, security, tax-free earnings, and much more. Dubai is now literally filled with ex-pats, trying to make a living and lifestyle for themselves and their family in the city of Skyscrapers.

If we talk about Sponsored Visas for Dubai, anyone who is an employee there and has a UAE residency visa can sponsor their family members. It was not easy to do this before, but now anyone who has been employed earns about 3000 to 4000 AED, has a place to stay, and can apply for sponsored visas.

Lets get on with the steps on How to get Sponsored Visa in Dubai?

Sponsorship Requirements

Before you apply for the visa, you must have complete knowledge about the Sponsorship requirements. Expatriate residents in Dubai who are either employers or employees or have registered with Ajman Media City Free Zone Makateb can easily sponsor their families in the United Arab Emirates. The main thing that they should have is a valid residency visa/permit.

Ajman Media City Free Zone

Most male family members go to Dubai to set a career for themselves or invest in Ajman Media CityFree Zone. However, for all those who do not know, Ajman Media City Free Zone is an ecosystem that helps investors or business owners grow their businesses in Dubai and gain maximum profit. One of these ecosystems is Ajman Media City Free Zone in Dubai, known by the name Makateb is a similar organization that aims to strengthen its position to be one of the best Ajman Media City Free Zone to help businesses grow.

Male residents can easily sponsor their parents, wife, and children if they have a competitive salary of 3000-4000 AED and accommodation.

Type of Profession

Before March 2019, getting visas sponsored was highly dependent on the type of profession you had. Thankfully, this no longer is a rule, and anyone can easily get visas for their family sponsored no matter what their profession.

According to new rules, a foreign employee in Dubai can easily invite his family to the UAE and get their visas sponsored.  The only thing that matters is that they have to maintain their monthly income criteria, which is the Minimum wage requirement.

Also, if the male member residing in the UAE meets all necessary conditions for sponsoring his family or children, women or the mother aren’t allowed to do so. One must keep in mind that a resident sponsor should apply for sponsored visas for his family as soon as they get a permanent residence permit. This is because you get only sixty days to apply for family-sponsored visas as soon as your family enters the UAE.

Visa Timeline

Family members get visas for one to three years. This mainly depends upon the nature of your work in UAE and your capacity as an employee or if you are registered with Ajman Media City Free Zone Makateb. If you’re lucky, you might get a visa for three straight years, but if you’re an employee at a company, your visa timeline is one to two years only.

For more information, you may check with Dubai GDRFA as the rules are always changing.

Sponsoring Your Wife and Children

A person who holds a permanent residency permit can easily sponsor his wife and children as long as he fulfills all the requirements set by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs.

Sponsoring Wife

To sponsor your wife, you must have proof of your marital relationship. You would have to submit your marriage certificate. It must be in Arabic, or a certified Arabic translator can get it translated into Arabic. If your wife wishes to work, you can apply for a Freelance visa in Dubai for quicker processing.

Sponsoring Two Wives

Sponsoring two wives can be tricky in the UAE. However, a Muslim expatriate with a permanent residency permit can sponsor two wives if he meets all the requirements.

Sponsoring Daughters

An expatriate can only sponsor his daughters if they are unmarried. Married daughters can not be sponsored by expatriates.

Sponsoring Sons

An expatriate resident of the UAE can only sponsor his sons under and up to 18 years old. If the son is already on a student visa in UAE or any other country, they can be sponsored until 21 only if proper proof is provided that they are studying. In order to obtain a resident visa, your kid must visit the UAE once every six months.

Sponsoring Stepchildren

An expatriate who is a resident of UAE can only sponsor his stepchildren if they fulfill all the requirements of GDRFA and deposit a written certificate from their biological parents that they have no objection to at all.

Documents Required To Sponsor Wife and Children

Following is the list of all the documents that you must have when applying for a sponsored visa

  1. Online application for applying for a sponsored visa
  2. Passport copies
  3. Photos
  4. Medical clearance certificates
  5. Husband’s employment card photocopy
  6. Salary certificate or Ajman Media City Free Zone registered certificate
  7. Marriage certificate
  8. A registered Tenancy contract
  9. Utility bills

Sponsoring Parents

When it comes to sponsoring parents, there are certain rules that you need to follow. Following are the rules that need to be followed:

  1. Required to make a down payment for each parent for years stay as a guarantee to the immigrant department
  2. You can not only sponsor one parent. You need to sponsor both of them together with proof that you are the only sole support of them and no can else can take care of them.
  3. In case of the demise of one of the parents, a death certificate should be submitted.
  4. In case of divorce, a copy of divorce papers should be submitted as proof
  5. Should apply for and obtain medical insurance for parents with minimum coverage
  6. To sponsor parents, an expatriate with a permanent resident visa must earn a salary of 20000 AED or must have high profit from Ajman Media City Free Zone Makateb

Rules for Woman Sponsoring Her Family

When it comes to women sponsoring their family, and that is their husband and children, she must have the following:

  1. A permanent residence permit
  2. Must be a teacher, engineer, nurse, doctor, or any other profession that falls under the medical sector
  3. The monthly salary should not be less than 8000 to 10000 AED
  4. Must have accommodation

However, if a woman is not employed in the above-mentioned sectors, she must have an income above 10000 AED. This is possible with Ajman Media City Free Zone that helps you set foot in UAE’s marketplace, boost your business, and gain maximum profit.

As far as sponsoring just her children, women are required to submit the same documents and follow the same rules as for sponsoring the visa of Stepchildren.

Medical Fitness Requirement

 People applying for sponsored visas must keep in mind that anyone applying above the age of 18 must pass and complete a medical test approved by health care centers in UAE. Therefore, you must pass the medical examination, whether it is your first time acquiring the visa or getting it renewed.

Every person applying for a sponsored visa is tested for two major diseases, and that is HIV and Pulmonary Tuberous Sclerosis. Those who have any of these diseases will be marked medically unfit, not granted a visa, and will be deported at their earliest.

Validity and Renewal

 As mentioned above, the duration of the visa mainly depends upon the person who is sponsoring your visa and their type of profession or if they are registered with Ajman Media City Free Zone or have a Freelance Visa Dubai. The visa is awarded for one to three years approximately. If you want to get your visa renewed, you must undergo the same process as a new one again.

You need to keep in mind that if the visa of the person sponsoring you is canceled at any time, then all the family members who were sponsored through them will also be canceled. Dependants are given 30 days to renew their visa; otherwise, it’s automatically canceled.

If you have your visa and are looking to sponsor your family, now is the best time for it.

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