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The Importance of Ajman Media City Free Zone in UAE for Media, Art, and Creative Professionals

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We all know that the UAE is a multi-cultural country. People coming from different corners of the world reside here. And with time, the media organizations have not only grown but have become successful. Over the past few years, the country has become a hub for many public relations companies, advertising firms, media communication organizations and production and print facilities.The Importance of Ajman Media City Free Zone in UAE for Media, Art, and Creative Professionals

Ajman Media City Free Zone – The Hub of Creative Businesses

Over the years, the Ajman Media City Free Zone has grown itself from being just a Freezone into a creative hub. Today, Ajman Media City is providing cost-effective solutions to businesses in the media industry to promote the culture of art, media, and creativity Ajman is becoming a media-specific hub for companies related to communication, media, marketing, and advertising. This why individuals related to the art, media and creative professionals are in high demand in the Ajman. Thus, Ajman is providing support, resources and licenses to individuals to start their businesses.

Opportunities for All – Irrespective of Their Business Size

The best part about Ajman is that it is not only helping bigger brand names but the structure and amenities it is offering are available to small and medium-sized businesses and freelancers and entrepreneurs in the media field  too.

If you plan to set up a business related to the media in the UAE then you are on the right track.

  1. When you set up a new media business make sure you know who you need to target. Either hire a market research team or make informed guesswork. Once you know the profiles of your audience you can then proceed accordingly.
  2. Next, step up a core value proposition. This is important as it defines what makes you different from others. This is where you can win your audience.
  3. Now that you know your target audience and the benefits you want to deliver, you should start working on a strategy that wins. Make sure to involve your marketing and sales team to come up with a headstrong marketing campaign.

So, where do we stand? And how can we help you?

Every new startup requires a plan and execution. Once the plan is made, it’s time to execute your dream into reality. And this is where we can help you.


We, at Makateb, can help bring your dream of setting up a media-related business in Ajman Media City Free Zone come true. Ajman Media City aims to build an outstanding environment for media entrepreneurs. The complete process of forming and business setup is innovative and flexible. Here is why:

  • An investor-friendly place.
  • Complete foreign ownership with profit return and an income that is free of tax.
  • 100% confidentiality in the ownership of the company (the details of the shareholders will remain private).
  • Easy registration.
  • Different types of business licenses available.
  • Customized office solutions, and virtual setup of the office.
  • License approval in 3 working days.
  • All in all, a hassle-free business setup.

Launching a new business is not an easy task, and if you are overwhelmed by the options and don’t know where to start, talk to Makateb, and we will walk you through the options that are best for you for starting a new business in Ajman Media City Free Zone.

We take processes apart, rethink, rebuild, and deliver them back working smarter than ever before.