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Licensing Packages That Suit Your Needs

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Licensing Packages That Suit Your Needs

When bringing your idea into life the first thing that you need to do as an entrepreneur is to find a good licensing project from a trustworthy company, to make starting a business in Ajman easier for you. Not to blow one’s own horn, but MAKATEB’s Ajman Media City Freezone solutions are not something that can be missed. With over a thousand happy clients, their PRO and licensing services in UAE can easily be classed as one of the best in the market. However, let’s explore more about licensing first.

Without acquiring a proper license, performing any business activities in the UAE is a criminal offense that is punishable by jail time and a hefty fine. And not just that, even if a person plans to acquire a license but first wants to align everything else, then that is not possible. Opening a corporate bank account or leasing an office is virtually impossible without a license. Therefore, the sooner you acquire a business and trade license (freelance permit, service/consultancy license, or trade license) along with any other you might need depending on the nature of your business, the sooner you can kickstart your operations.

There are six licensing packages that you can choose from Makateb’s:

  1. Business Club
  2. Bronze Package
  3. Silver Package
  4. Silver Plus Package
  5. Gold Package
  6. Platinum Package

Each of these packages has a different cost depending on the services that are being offered in them. The more or high-level services you require for your business, the more you have to pay. However, some services are important for a particular type of business. Thus, it is important to keep your business’s needs in mind when browsing through offers and packages.

Licensing PackagesBusiness Club

Costing AED 8,500 annually, this package includes no visa package, desk sharing of up to 10 hours per month, utilities, Chamber of Commerce Certificate, Bank Letter, Lease Agreement, and a Business License with permission of conducting up to 5 business activities.

Bronze Package

This 1 Visa package costs AED 11,500 annually, and provides a shared office space to carry out the 5 activities allowed to the business. This package also includes utilities, Business Licenses, Chamber of Commerce Certificate, Lease Agreement, and Bank Letter to make opening the corporate account easier.

Silver Package

A 2 Visa package costing AED 14,500 annually, includes a shared office space, permission to carry out 5 business activities, utilities, Business License, Chamber of Commerce Certificate, Bank Letter and a Lease Agreement.

Silver Plus Package

The AED 17,500 package gives the business permission for 3 Visas, 5 activities and a shared office space along with a Business License, Lease Agreement, Bank Letter, Chamber of Commerce Certificate, and utilities.

Gold Package

Costing AED 25,500 annually, this package allows 5 Visas, 5 business activities, and an executive office, with the provision of utilities, a Bank Letter, Lease Agreement, Chamber of Commerce Certificate, and a Business License.

Platinum Package

This package is for entrepreneurs who are setting up operations on a large scale with sizable startup capital. They are allowed a Lease Agreement of as much office space they require and no fixed limit on the number of Visas the business can apply for. Also, offered in this package are permission for 5 activities the business can carry out, utilities, Business License, Bank Letter, and a Chamber of Commerce Certificate.

For more information regarding the licensing packages or setting up a business, contact Ajman Media City Freezone.

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