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Live & Work In UAE with Ajman Media City Free Zone 3 Years Residence Visa

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In the post-pandemic era, UAE has accelerated modifications to attract foreign players and boost economic ties outside the Gulf Region, particularly in Asia and Africa.

In the Emirates, free zones are a vital part of the economy, with exports from UAE free trade zones totaling Dhs 225.5 billion in 2017, accounting for approximately 19.5 percent of the total. Thirty of the UAE’s 45 free zones are situated in Dubai. A total of ten new zones are currently being developed in the nation.

Every business in the UAE needs a business permit, which must be renewed every year. Onshore trade licenses are just obtainable with 49 percent overseas investment, which necessitates the involvement of a local agent or sponsor. In May 2018, a parliamentary system was implemented that granted 100 percent foreign possession of onshore enterprises and a 10-year residence permit for some kinds of investors and working professionals.

Ajman media city free zone allows venture capitalists to establish enterprises and conduct business with 100 % foreign ownership and 0 taxations. Its facilities include the provision of expatriate worker visas, property for development or warehousing, and commercial properties promoting a range of business categories, including smart workplaces. Commercial licenses at Ajman media city free zone are renewable every year and starting at UAE Dhs 11,900.

Furthermore, Ajman free zone offers a variety of appealing investment options. AFZ offers numerous investment models appropriate for all commercial enterprises in a multitude of areas with widely different specific requirements. 

Working and living in the UAE

As the world economy is trying to bounce back from the global epidemic, businessmen are making every effort to invest in dynamic and secure countries like the UAE. With its state-of-the-art infrastructure and spectacular standard of living, the UAE could well be the number one economic hub.

Furthermore, visa reforms are converting the UAE corporate world and opening the door to the best players worldwide. Officials have implemented significant changes to its visa framework, helping to dispel old perceptions of the country as a short and warm location for professionals.

To expand its operations and prepare for the future, the UAE is now assisting people in establishing foundations in the country while also developing a more dexterous business model. In addition, the work permit intends to facilitate application guidelines, make it easier for international visitors to get around the city, and extend their stay.

It is only the most recent in a long line of significant changes to visa procedures in the UAE.

So, what exactly is a Free Zone, and why should you choose one?

Free Zones, also known as Free Trade Zones, are specific areas within the UAE that provide special tax, customs, and trade regulatory frameworks and are overseen by their regulations (except for the UAE criminal law). Initially positioned across the main ports, transport hubs, and trade-friendly locations.

The UAE’s inexpensive free zones lure overseas investors to establish low-cost businesses. In addition, they provide a wealth of operational and business assistance to investors. Over 40 free zones in the UAE can provide the least expensive free zone business permit. The overall cost of starting a business includes the cost of a trade license, office rent, admin expenses, and visa fees.

⮚      Free Zone of Ajman Media City

Ajman Media City is the most affordable free zone in the UAE. It provides investors with various economic pursuits and licenses types at the lowest price.

It is very close to Ajman Port. In terms of trade, contractual agreements, visas, E-commerce, and finance companies, Ajman Free Zone companies have almost the same legal standing as any other UAE Free Zones corporates. The goal of this zone is to provide massive savings to enterprises when compared to other free zones throughout the UAE.

The zone provides a variety of small business licensing services to media businesses. It was created to create opportunities for the development and prosperity of media businesses.

AMCFZ (Ajman Media City Free Zone) has officially confirmed a low-cost trade license bundle for fresh investors in Ajman. Whereas all of the businesses that have been established with the assistance of Consultation Ajman have experienced significant earnings since they began operations in the United Arab Emirates.

Cost of business setup in Ajman Media City Free Zone

Investors can begin their companies in the UAE today, with rates starting at AED 999. This includes full setup in 24 hours, virtual incorporation, and Lease Contract. More information and updates are available at the link.[1] 

Visa Application for the Ajman Free Zone

The Ajman Free Zone Visa process is exempt from approvals required by certain departments and regulatory agencies, such as the Department of Labor, because it is a preferential trade property lawfully managed by its authority.

A Free Zone company presents the chance to acquire a renewable three-year residency visa, with the number of visas determined by the task and department-specific practice.

⮚      Visa for Freelancers

What’s more? Ajman Media City Free Zone provides Freelance Visa Ajman to startups, companies, and independent contractors who want to start their businesses. They assert that you can “Start Off Small and Dream Big”!

You see, if there is a glimmer of hope to the year 2020, it is just that companies are recognizing that almost all work can be done well and on time without needing to show up at work for a full day, all week. Previously, freelancing in the UAE was not a credible career opportunity due to the high costs, high standards of business licensing, and immigration regulations; however, we are now observing a 360-degree turn in how people and corporations view freelancing.

In addition to Ajman, there is Freelance Visa Dubai. It costs between AED 7,500 and AED 20,000 (based on the particular regulations and company needs), but it must be renewed annually. The cost varies depending on whether you require a one-year or three-year residency permit or simply a permit to find work as a freelancer in the UAE.

The country’s workplace culture is changing the dynamics of policy decisions launched by the UAE government, such as declaring freelancing lawful and granting visas that facilitate collaboration as freelancers.

Why do business with Ajman Media City Free Zone?

Ajman Media City Free Zone is working diligently to become the preferred business location in the UAE.

The Business Setup service of Ajman Media City Free Zone (AMCFZ) helps you establish your business in Ajman Media City Free Zone. It will also organize and prepare your records. You can view more information about the Trade License method and standards stepwise by clicking on the  link

⮚      Perks of working in Ajman Media City FZ

  • Full foreign ownership and remittance of profits and capital invested 
  • Zero currency restrictions
  • No need for NOC
  • Physical attendance is not necessary
  • A vast array of business deals to choose from
  • Total absolution from all trade duties
  • Affordable pricing on-premises; and no additional fees or charges.
  • Approval to open a bank account in the UAE 
  • Potential of obtaining resident or employment visas for financiers and staffs
  • Remarkably low handling charges
  • The most cost-effective salary structure and simple access to a vast workforce
  • No service duties
  • Economical lease charges
  • Competitive tariff structure
  • A 20-year land agreement that can be restored for another 20 years ensuring 40 years of free of tax operations (according to government directives) Ajman Company Formation


As the world revives itself post the Covid outbreak, the UAE continues to serve as an example of regeneration. The UAE has a strategic advantage for commercial establishments due to the relatively simple business establishment procedure, government assistance, state-of-the-art infrastructure, stable banking services, strategic position, easy access to transport hubs, global network, etc.

As a result, if you’re thinking about opening a business, we strongly advise you to relocate to the UAE and take advantage of free zones like the Ajman Media City Free Zone.

We are positive that if you opt for AFZ Makateb because of their straightforward application procedure, you will be able to obtain your trading license within a day.

In particular, Ajman Media City Free Zone values supporting and collaborating with new enterprises on a restricted budget to ensure complete satisfaction while operating their businesses.

This distinguishes Ajman Media City Free Zone Makateb as the best in all business aspects.

We take processes apart, rethink, rebuild, and deliver them back working smarter than ever before.