Top 5 Payment Gateways in UAE

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Top 5 Payment Gateways in UAE

Technology is rapidly evolving; thus, changes are taking place in everything even in online payment gateways in UAE, which are evolving for the better. As media and creative businesses are expanding in the UAE thanks to the development of the newly formed Ajman Media City Free Zone, the area is transforming into a new business pivot. So, if you have an e-commerce business and are seeking a protected payment portal solution, do not fret! We have assembled top 5 payment gateways in UAE that can provide your business with secure online payments. These portals are swift and operate in a completely reliable manner. On top of this, these payment portals can protect your clients’ information efficiently. Behold top the 5 payment portals:

Top 5 Payment Gateways in UAE 1 - Makateb


The foremost payment portal is CyberSource formed in 1994. This payment portal provides exclusive protect payment portal services to varied type of industries in UAE. The CyberSource backs credit as well as debit card options for its customers. The good thing about the portal is that it is swift, dependable and safe. It supports numerous currencies to help its international customers so that global customers too can shop from your e-commerce outlet.


This payment portal is an association between Network International and MasterCard. This way, the portal backs the MasterCard internet portal service. Undoubtedly, Network International is among the most reputable and dependable e-commerce payment portals.

The MasterCard Internet Gateway authorizes users to construct their payments safely by simply using Call Center payments and Electronic Commerce.

It allows not only MasterCard and Visa card keepers to buy articles online but also to those who don’t have cards. For example, users with JCB can purchase as well. Lastly, Network International toes the line of transaction protocols and MasterCard SecureCode to make the whole process safe.


For startups and entrepreneurs, Adyen is the best option as it has over 3500 customers. Although it began in 2006, the company today is recognize internationally because of its services in Europe and Canada.

It authorizes its customers to make payments even from cell phones; thus, being an easy replacement for the complex payment portal solutions inside the UAE. Few refreshing attributes in it include one-click recurring payment, risk management, and store management.


BlueSnap offers not just international payment portal service but also marketing solutions. Businesses across the UAE can utilize BlueSnap to receive payments from domestic and global customers. One thing that stands unique is that it gives an effective safeguard mechanism from fraud. The benefits firms can get are soaring conversion rates that speed the revenue of online outlets.


This is a novel payment portal that assists online services, software, and SaaS firms to manage greater subscriptions in digital e-commerce and international channels. The portal is cloud-base with worldwide reach. It is use by some 4000 companies in more than 180 countries. Some best attributes are marketing services, e-commerce managers and affiliate networks.

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