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How to set up an accounting & bookkeeping firm in Dubai?

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How to set up an accounting & bookkeeping firm in Dubai?

Dubai–It’s no longer a mere tourist destination as it now offers a lot of business opportunities to people from all over the globe. It has a fantastic commercial environment & compelling infrastructure, which are ideal for starting a new business.

With each passing day, the demand for accounting & bookkeeping firms in Dubai drastically increases. So, if you are looking for the perfect business idea, put up an accounting & bookkeeping firm in Dubai.

Requirements to set up accounting & bookkeeping firm in Dubai

If you are about to open an accounting & bookkeeping firm in Dubai and join this lucrative industry, below are some of the requirements you must comply

#1 An accounting degree

In order to professionally offer accounting and bookkeeping services to different businesses, a degree in accounting is a mandatory requirement.. Why is it mandatory? A degree proves that you have formally studied the principles and processes involved in bookkeeping and accounting. In addition, having a background related to the services you offer makes it easier for your existing and would-be clients have confidence that you can provide what they need.

Also, if you have a degree related to the field of accounting, you are still eligible to open an accounting firm. The best recommendation for you to increase your chances of approval is that take the local exam in Dubai.

#2 You must possess a professional license

To start any sort of business in Dubai or anywhere in UAE, the government requires you to have a valid license. The licenses to open an accounting or bookkeeping firms are typically issued by DED (Department of Economic Development) in Dubai.

#3 You must have office space available

The last but not the least; for setting up a proper company or firm, you need to have an office space. With Ajman free zone business setup facility, you can ease the process of starting your business in Ajman. But, the good news is that the free zone companies are operating in other states across the UAE. They can help you start your business and cover almost everything in the process– from business registration, visa or residency permits to office setup, etc.

With a physical space, it’s much easier for clients to trust that you’re running a legitimate businessFor assistance in setting up an accounting firm and renting an office space, contact theAjman free zone Dubai office.

Step by Step procedure to set up accounting & bookkeeping firm in Dubai

  • Decide the company’s trade name keeping in mind Dubai government legalities.
  • Decide on the structure of your company (Sole proprietorship, LLC, Joint Stock Company or any other).
  • Take your initial approval from DED. You can get assistance from Ajman free zone Dubai office for this step.
  • Start the registration process & submit all the required documents, including initial approval. The free zone companies can help you complete this process, too.
  • Get your rented office space as soon as possible & your professional license to get started.

Once you are done, you can start your firm legally.

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