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The Future of Digital Marketing Firms in UAE and Ajman Media City

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Digital Marketing Companies In Dubai

Digital marketing companies in dubai ,Today’s tech-savvy audiences are more comfortable than before in buying products and services online. This is truer than ever for UAE’s digitize consumer market. Businesses are increasingly becoming aware that digital technology and marketing can substantially improve their chances of reaching out to a greater number of an audience quickly and cost-effectively.

That is why digital marketing firms are thriving in UAE and their prospects are also brighter in UAE in general and in Ajman Media City Free Zone in particular.  Here are the prevalent digital marketing trends in the UAE market that can give us predictive future insights:

The Future of Digital Marketing Firms in UAE and Ajman Media CityThe Popularity of Social Media and Digital Marketing Companies in Dubai

More businesses are going online to attract customers. Thus, they are seeking the help of digital marketing firms to connect with technology-savvy customers and take their business to the next level.

According to a report by We Are Social and Hootsuite, UAE has rank the highest (almost 99%) in the world in social media penetration, internet usage and E-commerce. There are 8.80 million mobile social media users in UAE so it’s no wonder.  Furthermore, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat and LinkedIn are one of the leading Social media advertising platforms in UAE use by businesses.

Influencers are Here to Stay and Go Stronger

Influencers in the shape of bloggers, Youtubers and Snapchat stars have made their impact on the digital scene in UAE. The Dubai-based PR agency BPG Cohn & Wolfe has report that UAE dwellers in the age bracket of 18-40 avidly follow and accept influencers’ advice when making online purchases as opposed to celebrity-endorsed marketing. Thus, digital media is to remain a strong pillar of influencer marketing in the future.

Video Content and Video Marketing are Here to Stay

This year has seen the rise of video content and video marketing in UAE. Reaching the audience through live videos is a  digital marketing strategy employee by influencers as well as brands.

Ajman Video Marketing Campaign 2019 by  joint Telegraph/ is just one example of this kind of marketing strategy that was use to introduce Ajman to the UK audience as a winter holiday alternative.  Thus, digital marketing firms that are focusing on video marketing are going to find a lot of opportunities and room to play in UAE in the coming days.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality would Take Over

VR and AR are not just for gamers, marketers, and retailers are also making use of VR and AR technologies to deliver an interactive experience to their customers. A lot of digital marketing firms specializing in VR and AR technologies are already working in UAE to create interactive ads, increase brand awareness, bridge the gap between online and offline shopping, and deliver consumers an immersive tech experience into events, exhibitions and buildings, places and structures. In the coming years, VR and AR industry is to become a billion-dollar industry, with Dubai having a fair share of it.

Ajman Media City Free Zone’s Efforts towards Digitization  

In this background, Ajman Media City Free Zone has been more future-focus than ever because of its unique position as a media and creativity hub. As a significant move, Ajman Free Zone has completely digitized its services. All of its initiatives are in line with the effort of creating a digitized economy.  Since digital marketing firms have a definitive role to play in the future economy; thus, Social Media and Digital Marketing Firms are definitely going to be in a lot of demand in Ajman Media City Free Zone:

Ajman Media City Free Zone is ripe with opportunities for digital marketing firms and startups that are just waiting to be availed. If you are planning to open a social and digital marketing start-up in UAE, Ajman Media City should be your first choice.

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