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Applying For A UAE Family Visa: What Shouldn’t Be Missed?

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Applying For A UAE Family Visa: What Shouldn’t Be Missed?

UAE Family visa A major chunk of the UAE’s population consists of expats who are either employeE in the country, or have start a business there, enrapture by the benefits of a freezone like Ajman Media City Freezone. And while UAE has every amenity possible, living away from ones love ones can become hard and in some cases even painful. Thus, many prefer to sponsor their immediate families, so they can live together in the UAE temporarily, despite the cost. Nonetheless, applying for UAE Family Visas comes with its own set of requirements.

Here are a few things every sponsor and their families should know once they have apply for a family or dependent visa:

Applying for a UAE Family visa


  • The first step to sponsor a dependent who is outside the UAE, is to apply for an E-visa or entry permit
  • The visa stamping process needs to be complete within 60 days of entering into the UAE
  • The marriage certificate needs to be attest by the UAE embassy back home and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE. Also, the document needs to be translate into Arabic.
  • Medicals will be treate as ‘Urgent Medical (VIP)’ unless it is specified differently by the sponsor. The normal medical cost is AED 500.
  • A medical examination does not need to be conducted, if the dependent is below the legal age of 18.
  • The sponsor has an investor visa, then a bank guarantee of AED 3,050.00 needs to be submitted to the immigration department.
  • If the resident dependent is overstaying in the UAE, they will be fined for approximately AED 120 for their first day overstaying, followed by AED 25 for each day thereafter.
  • If the dependent is in the UAE on a visit visa, and is overstaying, they will be fine for AED 200 for the first day, and AED 100 for each day thereafter.
  • The dependents should not be outside the UAE for more than 6 months at a time Otherwise, the visa will become invalid for use in the future, barring all entry into the country.

These regulations were just the tip of the ice berg, applying for a UAE Family Visa comes with a ton of other regulations and requires a lot of paperwork, which is the case for both mainland and freezone authorities, including Ajman Media City Freezone. Therefore, many prefer to employ the assistance of PRO firms and service providers.

A few benefits of acquiring PRO services,

UAE Family Visa applications are:

  • Saves time by taking over-all time-consuming tasks, while clients can focus on other avenues of their personal and professional life.
  • Hassle-free processing and delivery of documents, with no chances of missing any requirement out.
  • One-stop solution to all legal solutions and services.

Since PRO service providers in UAE take care of such legalities as a source of income, their work is mostly flawless, with very little chance of one actually receiving a rejection.

*Prices mentioned are as per the government authorities at the time of the article writing and are only for demonstration purposes; we are not hold liable or responsible for any changes in prices done by the government.*

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