How to Set up a Childcare Center in UAE?

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How to Set up a Childcare Center in UAE?

A childcare center provides parents an educational & sheltered environment for their children while they are at work or are attending to other important matters. A childcare center start up in UAE can be an exciting and profitable business venture that may also be challenging at the same time. You have to ensure that you are competent enough to take on this responsibility. Moreover, the state requires you to meet a few basic requirements to start this setup in the UAE.

The process to start a childcare center in the UAE

#1 Have an solid business plan

Every business needs a business plan. Formulating a proper business plan specific to childcare center services must include  your objectives, cost estimates, and other important initiatives to get started.

#2 Business license is a MUST

To start a company anywhere in the UAE, having a business license is a MUST. For a childcare center to become legally operational, you need to process and obtain an exclusive license issued by the government of UAE. All the procedures & policies must comply with the Directorate of Civil Defence, Public Health Department & Municipality conditions.

#3 Decide on the location

Now you have a business plan and have gotten your business license for your childcare business, the next thing is to decide on the best location. Best locations mean that you have to make sure the location meets safety standards. Ajman free zone company setup anywhere in the UAE’s the best option to consider as they will make the entire process easier. From licensing down to selecting the best location for your childcare center business.

#4 Hiring staff

Done with the location? Now it’s the time to hire experienced experts who are capable of running your business and understand its requirements. Take your time when choosing employees because employee hiring for childcare is a sensitive matter.

#5 Buy the necessary equipment

Once you are done with hiring the right individuals to join your team, you need to make sure you buy the required equipment or supplies to help your business provide the best care possible. Children need a safe and fun environment to learn the proper social skills while enjoying the process at the same time so make sure that the stuff you buy aligns with your center’s goals and objectives while keeping the children in mind. ,

#6 Draft a childcare manual

A childcare manual is a necessary document that helps foster a trusting relationship between parents and you as the childcare service provider. It’s the best material that will give your clients further information about your services such as the benefits of choosing your services over other providers, your rules and stipulations along with the guidelines  you’ve set as well as information on rates and payments.

While drafting this important document, make sure to also include the general objective of your day-care center, a complete childcare program, staff records, applications forms, learning & development activities, safety measures, nutrition plan, etc.

#7 Healthcare plan

As you are dealing with kids, it is of utmost importance for you to take necessary measures in order to prevent any sort of disease from spreading. Moreover, to meet the nutritional needs of each child Through a well-thought out nutritional plan and the list of appropriate activities based on age.

#8 Plan activities

Yes! Planning all the activities to be carried out for the proper learning & development (Physical & mental) of the children is important.  It will not only ease the overall process easy for you but also, you will be able to take to company start up to the next level.

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