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Tips – Starting a New Business Vs Buying an Existing One in UAE

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Business Startup Ideas In UAE

Business Startup Ideas In UAE As the epicenter of business in the Gulf and the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates continues to expand its economy in all sectors. With so many business opportunities in every country, starting a new business or buying a franchise has always been the two options entrepreneurs go with. One is usually more expensive than the other, more certain of profitability than the other, and easier to execute than the other.

People from all around the world live in this cosmopolitan, contributing to its ever-expanding economy. Investors and businessmen are always on the lookout for new opportunities to invest in current businesses and start their own ventures in the UAE. Consequently, the UAE offers a lot of options for you to consider due to its vast expanding economy and unlimited career prospects.

Starting up your business from scratch seems like an attractive option to many people these days. Becoming an entrepreneur is the talk of the town. It is indeed satisfying to start your small business setup and work into making it a successful corporation.

When diving into the world of business, many things should be kept in mind. Most importantly you should know if you wish to start your business from scratch or opt for investing in a franchise or buy an existing business.

Here are a few tips to guide you before starting a new setup or buying an existing one:

  •  Investment:

You can invest as little as possible when it comes to starting up your own big or small business venture but when it comes to buying an existing business, you will need a lot of cash. This is one of the biggest disadvantages when it comes to buying an existing setup. Finance is of utmost importance when it comes to any kind of business but with a new startup, as an entrepreneur, you can decide the finance and build your business accordingly.

  • Employees:

Beginning your own journey through business ventures, you can decide who to hire. Of course, the employees you choose will have to fit the criteria you look for in your staff. Hire a registration agent to take you through the process of business startup. With an existing franchise, you may face some uncomfortable situations if your staff is non-cooperative and disobliging.

  • Advisory Council:

When purchasing an existing business, you need to hire an advisory council who will help you investigate the business you are interested in. The team will consist of an auditor, a banker and a lawyer. You will need to assess everything from inventory to clients, vendors and more. Make sure you go through everything in a thorough manner.

  • Location:

The location also matters, be it geographical or the position of your business in the industry. You should do your homework and make sure where it stands. Select a Location that optimizes suitability, convenience, and costs. Also, stay on top of your strategic decision making so you do not get scammed. With an existing business, if the geographical location is not ideal, you may find that hard to change. On the other hand, the position of the company in the market may require drastic improvements. Make sure you are up for the work!

Last but not least, when deciding to invest in a project, know what you are diving into before making your decision. Starting your own setup seems like a fair deal when you want to run your business according to your terms and requirements. On the other hand, purchasing an existing business may save you from some hassles but make sure you have the finance it needs. In a nutshell, go for what suits your financial standing and the type of trade you wish to engage in. 

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