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Why You Should Choose Ajman When Applying for a Commercial License

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Why You Should Choose Ajman When Applying for a Commercial License

Commercial license facilities in uae ,Small business owners and budding entrepreneurs dreaming about opening their startup in UAE can actualize their aspirations through the commercial license facility in uae. However, do you know that it is more beneficial to apply for and obtain a commercial license in Ajman Media City Free Zone in comparison to the mainland or other free zones?

Here is why:

Ajman has an Advantageous Strategic Position in the Region

Ajman Media City Free Zone is a great place to set up a service business under a commercial license facilities in uae because of its location. It is connect to Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iran, Kuwait, thus allowing businesses the ability to access the global market, especially that of Europe and Asia.

There is Comparatively Lesser Competition There

With more and more SMEs and startups choosing Dubai mainland as the ideal location for their business, the competition is naturally increase there and the market is becoming saturated.

Thus, it has become harder for new businesses and startups to get notice there. In comparison, Ajman is a marketplace that is still unfolding and the local economy is robust.

There is a significant increase in trade fairs and foreign investment recently in Ajman which can provide commercial license holding businesses and individuals with lots of investment and collaborative opportunities. There are innumerable business activities to choose from under a commercial license.


The Costs are Lower 

A business or startup operating on a shoestring budget would find it even more cost-effective to set up and operate from Ajman Media City Free Zone (rather than from the Dubai mainland) because Ajman happens to be the cheapest free zone with world-class infrastructure.

An add advantage is that one can  start multiple (as many as 10) business activities under one commercial license from here. So the set-up cost would be lower but the options for income and profit generation would be multiple.

Ajman Government is Strongly Backing Commercial License Facilitis In UAE

The Department of Economic Development – Ajman (DED-Ajman) is passionately trying to attract commercial businesses from around the globe. DED has taken the lead at UAE level to support the register and launch a business quickly drive.

Thus, the Ajman government has digitize the  commercial licensing procedures, eliminate the need for investors to visit government offices, thus reducing transaction time and license approval cost and quickening the commercial license approval procedures.

In 2019, DED-Ajman has issued 25672 commercial permits. Once you get your license approve, you can apply for employee visas and open a bank account.

Professional guidance at different stages of business formation has its worth in gold. A professional business setup consultant firm like Makateb can help you apply for and acquire a commercial license in Ajman Media City Free Zone in a fast and convenient way.

So get in touch with our experts today to apply for a commercial license and take the first step in launching your business.

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