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Ajman Media City Setup Guide

Planning to set up a new business in the UAE? Have you consider the available options? If not, then make sure you research more about Ajman Media City Free Zone.

Located far and distant across the Emirates, Freezones offer a cost-effective solution for the new entrants in the field of business. This is not all! The business owners also enjoy the following perks: no foreign exchange controls and currency restrictions.

The purpose of this article is to highlight how Ajman Media City Free Zone holds a distinctive place among all other free zones for the following reasons:

Although a newly form zone, it offers complete digital and media facilities to the professional mindset of people.

The AMCFZ is built as a user-friendly and cost-effective zone that, over the years, will make Ajman as one of the most economical places for investors from around the globe.


Ajman is an ideal place to start a business in the following domains:

 Business Setup in Ajman Media City

Business setup consultants in dubai Most of the areas mention above are relate to media and creativity, and AMCFZ is the best Free Zone for these media-related companies.  Ajman Media City Free Zone agency offers at least four types of different packages for companies aspiring to start a business there:

1. Business Club

The business club is one of the most basic package types. It includes a desk space and 10-hours/month of usage for customers. The business club businesses do not require a visa, however, they are only allow 5 commercial activities and service activities. The total price of the business club is AED 8500 per year. After name approval, innovation fee, the total rounds off to 8800.

2. Bronze Office

The businesses falling under this will have a share permanent office. The companies can get a Freezone visa, with the eligibility of one visa. Other facilities are similar to the business club. The total annual charge is AED 11500 per year.

3. Silver Office

The only difference from the Bronze package is that the investors can apply for 2 visas. The total cost comes to AED 14,500 per year.

4. Silver Plus Package

In the Silver package, every potential investor can apply for 3 visas in 17,500 AED per year.

5. Gold Package

By far the most prestigious package for new setups in the Ajman Media City Freezone. The companies falling under these criteria can apply for 5 visas and will be provide an executive office, along with a minimum space of 12 sq meters. The total costs come up to AED 25,555 per year.

6. Platinum Package

This package is offer to businesses on request which require spacious premises as well as more than five visas.

DISCLAIMER: The prices mention here have been state and maintain by the respective government authority at the time of the writing of this article and are for illustrative purposes only. We are not responsible for any changes in the pricing or terms and conditions made by the respective authority since then. Therefore, we strongly recommend verifying these prices.

If you are planning to start a commerce business in the following areas, then Ajman media city Freezone is, by far, your best option. Now you have the complete guide to business setup in Ajman Media City Free Zone, prepare yourself to conduct business in a state of the art infrastructure, which is both an effective and cost-effective option.

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