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Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About UAE Visa

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A tolerant and inclusive country that invites people with zero restrictions regarding their religion, race, or culture from all around the world. UAE is a piece of land where the western and eastern world meets together.

UAE does the best businesses and collaborations, which are not only remarkable but are acknowledged, appreciated, and loved globally. In addition, a wide variety of nationalities, different experiences, and stories describe the UAE as special and extremely distinctive.

Apart from the globally hyped Dubai Expo, UAE has gathered ‘global favoritism, and you would not want to miss a chance to visit this country.

If you are confused about the UAE visa, worry not. We have some interesting facts that can help you get your visa and then leverage the perks that come with it.

Do not Suppress the Urge – Just Get your UAE Visa.

UAE is a crime-free country and is considered the second safest in the world. It welcomes everyone worldwide to live a safe and sound life with absolutely no income tax in the Arabian atmosphere. In addition, the culture of the UAE embraces relationships and civility in the best possible manner.

UAE offers a harmonious, dependable and professional environment for business. Ajman media city’s free zone happens to be the recent example that acts as a catalyst for media and creative businesses to launch growth and boost.

This Emirati country’s unique approach towards education, quality of healthcare, extraordinary lifestyle, and good social life make the land of emirates most unique and demanding. These are some of the few reasons why people from all around the globe desire a UAE visa and tend to relocate to any of its thriving cities such as; Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman (media zone), Abu Dhabi, etc.

Planning a business or a startup in the UAE is one of the fresh entrepreneurs’ most common thoughts. Also, cities like Dubai, Ajman (specifically through freelance visa Ajman), and Abu Dhabi have transformed some expats into astounding and successful entrepreneurs.

Over the years, it has been proven that the well-known emirates of this country are fruitful for the development of any fresh startup or business. Hence the urge to seek a UAE visa is justified through all terms. But, on the other hand, the country of cultures and nationalities has proven to be the best host and welcomes foreigners with open arms and heart.

Variety Of UAE Visas And Permits

The government of the United Arab Emirates issues a collection of visas for different purposes. There are different visas with varying requirements depending on the type of visa. Fundamentally there are six different types of visas being issued in the UAE;

  1. E-visa for GCC residents
  2. Medical entry permit
  3. Transit visa
  4. Student visa
  5. visit/tourist visa
  6. Retirement visa for residents

Each visa has a different procedure, and choosing a visa entirely depends on the objective of whoever is visiting. However, the laws of the UAE do not allow any sort of gamble or misuse of any issued visa; hence abiding by the rules and laws is an obligation.

Unknown Facts About UAE Visa

There is no doubt that the government of the UAE efficiently comes up with the most flexible laws and programs to upgrade and improve the quality of living and working. Each step is taken and ensured to better the residents, citizens, and even visitors of the UAE.

Besides many of the newest updates regarding UAE visas, one has to be the newly launched visa, which will be specifically issued for people who work remotely for the companies of UAE. The target is to attract the upcoming generation and talent of all aspects from all around the world. This visa will permit them to work and live in the country for a year.

 Another recently introduced visa is a multiple-entry tourist visa that all nationalities can receive. The United Arab of Emirates government believes in providing an innovative and hassle-free environment and taking all the necessary. Upgraded decisions to make the country an ideal place for working, living, and traveling.

Following are a few interesting facts about the world’s most convenient country’s visa;

Fact no 1:

Undoubtedly one of the biggest reasons for any citizen to leave their country and relocate to another country is a better income with a bigger opportunity. The earnings and income of the UAE residents who relocate are consistently high and increase annually. Each year there is an increase of 10% in the number of migrants who apply for UAE visas to improve the earnings figure. Almost 75% of the immigrants agree that they earn better in the UAE than in their home nation.

Fact no 2:

According to a survey, around 72% of the foreigners residing in the UAE intend to lay their homes for the rest of their life. As per another research, UAE is a country that lets foreigners own their property, whereas the global average of such actions is quite low. 

Fact no 3:

A huge number of UAE residents feel secure and safe and more in UAE compared to their home countries or any other country in the world. Hence different nationalities apply for resident visas with only one reason to live a secure life.

Fact no 4:

Not many people know that visas applied in UAE cannot be canceled once applied under any circumstances. The authority only stays with the sponsor. So until the cancellation of the previous visa, the new visa cannot be applied; hence the person cannot visit the UAE.

Fact no 5:

The student visa is the least commonly approached visa of the UAE. The eligibility of the visa is one year. It can only be renewed if proof that the respective student will continue education in the UAE. The year 2018 launched a new visa that holds the validity of five years and is now being approached by many aspiring students every year.

Fact no 6:

The UAE government offers a visa known as an entry permit, specifically for patients and their attendants pursuing UAE treatment. The requirement is the official recommendation from a certified hospital or medical facility. As per the newest law, there are two types of medical visas, one allows one to stay in the Emirates for a period of 90 days, but it is only applicable for a single person, which means it is a single entry permit. The second type of visa is a multiple entry permit that allows attendants but with the same requirements as the first one, whereas this visa can be extended.

Fact no 7:

Not very commonly used and applied, but the government offers a visa sponsored by airlines only based in Dubai and is known as a transit visa. The staying period of this visa is for 48 hours, which is two days, or 96 hours, which are four days.

Fact no 8:

Another fact is that the general directorate of residence and foreign affairs, in collaboration with Dubai’s department of commerce and tourism, has established and implemented a new visa regulation. It permits employees of international corporations to travel to and stay in any emirate city for 90 days, with the possibility of renewing the visa for an additional 90 days.

Fact no 9:

A well-known freelance visa Ajman is the most basic visa, which costs around AED 6000, but it is not commonly known globally. It offers a visa with a validity of three years and basic facilities. The procedure of acquiring this visa is the same as other free zones.

Fact no 10:

Ajman free zone is the most suitable for small startups and businesses. And there is no reason why not to recommend it. The visa requirements and the procedures are quite simple and basic.


Key Takeaway

Apart from all the information and hidden facts regarding the UAE visa, the basic information and requirements remain extremely strict.

The traveler must hold a valid and authentic passport and national identity card. At the same time, the law of UAE does not bear any criminal record and will never issue a visa to such a foreign applicant if found.

 Apart from that, one must hold proof of funds, onward flights, and each necessary and required documentation. Applicants will have genuine and original documentation, and a clean record is wholeheartedly welcomed by the United Arab of Emirates government.

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