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Top 4 Myths about Starting a Business in the UAE

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Start a Business in UAE

Start a business in uae ,This is the era where entrepreneurship is highly encouraged but running a business is not for everyone. It takes a great deal of time, effort, and energy to set up and manage a business. Hence, there are some myths that entrepreneurs hear about that may discourage them from starting their own business.

Here are some commonly heard myths.Top 4 Myths about Starting a Business in the UAE

  1.     You Don’t Have A Boss

One of the main reasons why people want to have a business setup in Dubai is because they want to be their own boss. However, they are in for a surprise. An entrepreneur still has to answer to investors, customers, and employees.

  1.     You Are Free to Work Fewer Hours

One of the advantages of setting up a business in Dubai is that you are free to work any time you want. You can come and go whenever you please. No one will ask you anything.

Although you can make your own work schedule, the reality is that you will invest a good number of hours into your business. You have put in so much work and effort into starting a business in Dubai that you’ll make as many hours as needed to make your business venture successful.

There are many examples of success stories of companies that started from nothing yet achieved their current status by putting in work and an insanely huge number of hours.

  1.     You Will Not Have to Worry About Small Matters

Being the head of the company, you may think that you can leave the small stuff to the managers you hired for your company. On the contrary, check and balance is a necessity.  You will still have to take part in minor issues such as why one of your janitors suddenly didn’t show up or which contractor to hire for an office renovation.

  1.     Determination Can Conquer Any Obstacle

As they tell you, one of the qualities of a successful entrepreneur is determination. This attribute will help you launch your business setup in UAE, but also run your business smoothly.

However, there is a bitter truth to this thinking. There are times when entrepreneurs give all their time, effort, and capital in their business, yet due to reasons such as limited market size, wrong assumptions, or some other factors, the business is not able to sustain the company. Persistence and determination can indeed help you get started, but they go hand in hand with other factors to achieve something more.

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